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The E.A.T. Bibliography Project Wikibase Project Page


This project is part of the Semantic Lab's project working with data related to Robert Rauschenberg & Experiments in Art and Technology.

Project Description

This project aims to transform the E.A.T. Bibliography into linked data to become part of the broader Robert Rauschenberg & E.A.T. dataset. The E.A.T. Bibliography, created by Billy Klüver, consists of a list of over 600 references centered on the E.A.T. initiative. This document was shared by Julie Martin, the current director of E.A.T. The goal of the project is to enhance the Robert Rauschenberg & E.A.T. project with bibliographic data to provide unified access and discovery to E.A.T. research, collection, and related reference data.


Properties in use to describe items in the Bibliography
Property ID Property label Property description Wikidata equivalent
P1 instance of that class of which this subject is a particular example and member P31
P74 creator entity (person, organization, etc.) that caused a record or collection to be produced, or, the maker of this creative work or other object P170
P82 title title of a work, such as a newspaper article, a literary work, a website, or a performance work. This could also be a label ascribed to an archival document by an archives. Title should appear here as listed in archival document/metadata (not edited by SemLab) P1476
P100 subtitle for works, when the title is followed by a subtitle P1680
P98 date date or point in time associated with the work. The specific type of date, if known (e.g. publication date, creation date, etc.) should be listed as a qualifier P585
P134 reported date date as reported in referenced source N/A
P103 published in larger work that a given work was published in, like a book, journal or music album. Includes news outlet/periodical that published the article P1433
P84 publisher organization or person responsible for publishing a document P123
P104 place of publication geographical place of publication P291
P88 volume bibliographical unit; volume number of a particular publication P478
P89 issue bibliographical unit; issue number of a particular publication P433
P87 page number the page of a document which a block or text or entity appears on; or the page of an article within a publication P304
P101 number of pages number of pages in an edition of a written work P1104
P130 description in bibliography description given for the document in the E.A.T. Bibliography N/A
P17 local ID locally assigned identifier N/A
P96 part of object of which the subject is a part; indicates an item that this item is part of P361
P11 part of project describes project components such as properties, objects, agents, etc. which are part of a Semantic Lab project. This property should not be used with ontological classes N/A
P8 wikidata Q number Wikidata Q number N/A
P9 wikidata URI Wikidata URI N/A

Project Data

Note: If you would like to read a general description about data on Semantic Lab's Wikibase and various ways to query data, please see the home page of Semantic Lab’s Wikibase.

SPARQL queries:

All documents in the E.A.T. Bibliography

All items associated with the E.A.T. Bibliography Project (including creators, publishers, etc.)

Documents with known creators, displaying the first listed creator

Documents created by Robert Rauschenberg

Documents with known places of publication